Polished concrete is a design trend that has gained a great deal of attention within the home, and this Grind and Seal Shed job in Balnarring is the perfect example.

It is also a great choice for other areas including sheds, garages and outdoor areas providing a luxe look that everyone will love – just like this Grind and Seal Shed in Balnarring.

Read on to find out more about the latest Grind and Seal Shed Balnarring that the team from Eco Grind completed recently.

Eco Grind - Polished Concrete Shed Balnarring
Eco Grind - Grind and Seal Non Slip Garage

Grind and seal non slip polished concrete is a new and great alternative for spaces such as sheds and garages that has many benefits.

Compared to the conventional polished concrete procedure, grind and seal installation is a cost effective option. After the concrete is ground for exposure, any minor cracks and surface imperfections are filled with grout. After this process, a sealer is used to coat the floor and create a finished look. Although it is a slightly different method to polished concrete, the aesthetic look between the two is minimal.

With the common misconception that polished concrete is slippery, grind and seal concrete provides a high quality sealant that is slip resistant which also helps protect the surface from stains and damages. The sealant also enhances the finish of the flooring including the colour and gloss level of the area. Grind and seal, non slip concrete is a great way to make your shed look aesthetically beautiful without compromising cost and safety.


Grind and Seal Shed Balnarring – Non Slip Garage

Eco Grind - Grind and Seal Garage Balnarring
Eco Grind - Concrete Shed Floor

Strong and resilient, grind and seal polished concrete can withstand pressure from heavy items including motor vehicles. Just like the home, sheds and garages have a high level of traffic and therefor need a flooring solution that will be long lasting with minimal maintenance, yet cost effective. Compared to plain concrete, grind and seal non slip flooring for your shed or garage will provide a finished look that will not compromise quality.


Whether it is a new area, or concrete readily available in the space, grind and seal is a great option. Eco Grind can help evaluate the best options for your shed or garage and ensure they provide a quality result when converting your area with a beautiful flooring solution. With knowledgeable staff to answer all of your questions, contact Eco Grind to get professional advice and the recommended flooring solution for your home