This recent Grind and Seal Garage Floors Diamond Creek job took us to Melbourne’s far north-eastern suburbs.

The garage floor we completed was part of a beautiful new custom build by Premier Homes & Granny Flats. Let’s take a look at the grind and seal work in Diamond Creek in more detail.

No room for a dull garage with Grind and Seal Garage Floors Diamond Creek

The Diamond Creek property owner decided that grind and seal was the ideal choice fantastic choice for their garage floors. Especially as it could double as a workspace or additional living space as well as a home for cars and tools. Being easily dirtied and damaged, most people don’t look at upgrading the concrete finish in their garages. One look at this new garage floor, however, is sure to inspire people to think otherwise.

Grind and Seal Garage Floors Diamond Creek
Grind and Seal Non Slip Garage Floors Diamond Creek

Grind and Seal Concrete – tough, durable, and stylish

For grind and seal concrete, you don’t have to sacrifice durability for style. As you can see from pictures of our grind and seal job in Diamond Creek, the floors have all the easy maintenance and strength that comes with concrete. It also also looks spectacular! Even if you spill oil or dirty the concrete, it can be easily cleaned, while the dense aggregate pattern of black, white, and brown alongside a slightly darker shade of concrete is very forgiving with any permanent stains that may occur due to any mechanical leaks or work.

This surface is also non-slip, ensuring that the garage floor is safe for everyone.

Grind and Seal Garage Floor Diamond Creek
Diamond Creek Grind and Seal Garage Floors

Make your time indoors more pleasant

With remote working becoming ever more popular, it appears the office of the future is at home. Finding private space to concentrate can be difficult. It is even more important than ever to create extra room in our homes. If you have a garage with grey, ugly concrete floor space you don’t use, you’re wasting valuable space that could be used for working, exercising, or even relaxing! Take a leaf out of this new property owner’s book. Have your garage concrete ground and sealed. You’ll be increasing the available space in your home without adding extensions or performing intensive renovations.

With their new home ready to move into and their garage ready to invite their family cars, tools, or other items, our grind and seal Diamond Creek customers are bound to enjoy their new space.


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